Metallica-Kill 'em All -Remastered-

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Kill 'Em All is Metallica's debut album, released on July 25, 1983 on Megaforce Records. Metallica's original line-up featured James Hetfield (rhythm guitar/vocals), Lars Ulrich (drums), Ron McGovney (bass), and Dave Mustaine (lead guitar). Because of tensions with Mustaine, McGovney left the band. Castro Valley-born bassist Cliff Burton was recruited as his replacement. Mustaine was fired in April 1983 for his drug and alcohol problems, overly aggressive behavior and clashes with bandmates. After Mustaine's departure, Metallica recruited Kirk Hammett, who previously played for Exodus and was a one time student of Joe Satriani. The band started recording the album with Hammett barely a month later. Hammett's guitar solos on the album were partially based on Mustaine's original solos (the first four bars of most solos were written by Mustaine). After being Mustaine was fired, he then formed the band Megadeth, which also achieved multi-million selling success.