Damned-Tiki Nightmare

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Deluxe Vinyl Version! Adding to the stack of live material from U.K. punk legends the Damned, Tiki Nightmare: Live in London captures the band's full performance from a 2002 gig while touring in support of their 2001 album. The band burns through a few Grave Disorder tunes as well as touching on punk classics like "New Rose" and "Neat, Neat, Neat." Captain Sensible also injects some humour into the otherwise rugged set.

SIDE A 1. Street of Dreams 2. Amen 3. Democracy? 4. Plan 9 Channel 7 5. Song.com

SIDE B 6. Wait For The Blackout 7. I Just Can't Be Happy Today 8. Would You Be So Hot 9. Disco Man 10. Under the Floor Again

SIDE C 1. Ignite 2. She 3. Neat Neat Neat 4. Happy Talk 5. New Rose

SIDE D 6. Eloise 7. Smash It Up 8. I Feel Alright 9. Love Song