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The Hardcore Barrels 93a Black are top-of-the-line skateboard bushings designed for professional skaters and demanding riders. Made from premium urethane, these bushings offer the ultimate in responsiveness and control, making them ideal for fast, aggressive riding styles. The 93a hardness rating provides a super-fast and ultra-responsive ride, making these bushings ideal for experienced skaters who demand the absolute best from their setup. The sleek black colour adds a touch of sophistication to your setup, while the classic barrel shape fits most standard trucks. Whether you're a professional skater or just looking to upgrade your current setup, the Hardcore Barrels 93a Black are a must-have for anyone who wants the ultimate in performance and style. 85a - Softest - For carving, cruising, freeriding, or those who want quick steering trucks. 88a - Medium Soft - For carving, cruising, freeriding, or lighter DH. This is the team's choice by far. 90a - Medium - For carving, freeriding, or DH, basically the do everything duro 93a - Hard - For freeriding, DH, or heavier riders who want more support. Perfect for low-angle rear trucks. Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings are sold as a pair, this means they will replace the bushings in one truck. If you want to use Hardcore bushings on both of your trucks you will need to buy 2 units