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From Yow the Meadow Cruiser Complete in 28" 

The Meadow 28” is one of those boards you would take with you everywhere. Short in length, but with enough space for your feet to feel comfortable and secure. Featuring original artwork by Australian designer Shannon Cheung. The board features a kicktail and a short and slightly steep nose. Pressed with a medium concave that will keep your feet locked to the board. The shape, inspired by some of the first oldschool skateboards, features a long and wide tail and a good width almost till the nose, making it a very comfortable cruiser for the everyday. Mounted with the new patented Legasee truck in 139mm, which features a bigger turning radius than standard skate trucks that will bring you a nice surfy feeling, while letting you push with ease. It also mounts the new Lurra wheels 60×40 80a, which are fast and grippy enough for an all terrain usage.