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Founded in Paris by Soy Panday and brothers Vivien and Jean Feil, Magenta Skateboards has established its own distinctive aesthetic. The brand was born back in 2010 after the team realised they didn’t like where skateboarding was heading, it was uninspiring and not relevant to their ideas, so they decided to launch their own line and project what they thought it was all about. The team travels between Paris and Bordeaux, drawing inspiration from their European surroundings and their passion for making moves in the skate industry, moving it forward to a place that they find interesting and appealing. Their cultural surroundings help inspire new graphics whilst their team riders Vivien Feil, Soy Panday, Leo Vallis, Jimmy Lannon, Zach Lyons, Ben Gore and Glen Fox help to provide further influence and passion for the projects. Decks are made by Generator in America, which was specifically chosen due to the high quality wood and the super clean print finish. Soy Panday leads the art direction, his illustrations can be seen throughout the marketing and screen print designs.