Cypress Hill-Temples Of Boom III

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Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom is hip hop group Cypress Hill's third album, released in 1995. The album was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

With this album the band turned towards a more tranquil, sedate, slower, spooky sound with beats. The dark mood of this album reflects the strife within the band during this era, when member Sen Dog temporarily left the band to pursue other projects.

Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and U-God both make appearances on "Killa Hill Niggas". Also notable was track "No Rest For The Wicked", which ignited the feud between Cypress Hill and rapper Ice Cube, who they claimed stole material from the band.

On many shows of the "Temples Of Boom" tour, the group would take time in between songs to talk about this feud and get the crowd to yell obscenities about Ice Cube.

The song "Make a Move" contains an excerpt from the film Pulp Fiction.



1."Spark Another Owl"   Freese, Muggs 3:40

2."Throw Your Set in the Air"   Freese, Muggs 4:08

3."Stoned Raiders"   Freese, Muggs, Reyes 2:54

4."Illusions"   Freese, Muggerud 4:28

5."Killa Hill Niggas" (featuring RZA and U-God) Diggs, Freese, Reyes 4:03

6."Boom Biddy Bye Bye"   Freese, Muggs, Reyes 4:04

7."No Rest for the Wicked"   DJ Muggs, Freese 5:01

8."Make a Move"   Freese, Muggs 4:33

9."Killafornia"   DJ Muggs, Freese 2:56

10."Funk Freakers"   Freese, Muggs 3:16

11."Locotes"   Freese, Muggs, Reyes 3:39

12."Red Light Visions"   Freese, Muggs 1:46

13."Strictly Hip Hop"   Freese, Muggs 4:33

14."Let It Rain"   Freese, Muggs 3:45

15."Everybody Must Get Stoned"   Freese, Muggs 3:05