Terror-Live By The Code

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For over the last decade, Los Angeles, CA hardcore outfit TERROR has acquired a fiercely loyal following not only through their multiple recorded outputs but also through their live shows. TERROR is constantly on the road, their 2012 schedule alone included a European tour with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and BIOHAZARD, direct support for EVERY TIME I DIE’s US tour, a co-headlining summer tour with BANE, and appearances at festivals such as Groezrock, Endless Summer, Ieper Fest, Dynamo, This Is Hardcore, and Sound & Fury. Of course it helps that Vogel was long popular previously for fronting legendary Buffalo, New York bands like SLUGFEST, DESPAIR, and, most famously, BURIED ALIVE. The other members are no strangers to the hardcore scene either; collectively the band shares members or ex-members of PIECE BY PIECE, DOWN TO NOTHING, DONNYBROOK, CARRY ON, NO WARNING and more. Their upcoming fifth studio full-length titled Live By The Code is recorded by NEW FOUND GLORY’s Chad Gilbert (TRAPPED UNDER ICE, A DAY TO REMEMBER) and will hit streets this April. US and international tours planned with the likes of H2O, MADBALL, COMEBACK KID and more in support of the new album.

1. The Most High

2. Not Impressed

3. Cold Truth

4. I’m Only Stronger

5. Live By The Code

6. The Good Die Young

7. Shot Of Reality

8. Hard Lessons

9. Invasion

10. Nothing In Your Head

11. One Blood