Superchunk-Here's Where The Strings Come In

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Merge Records brings "Here's Where the Strings Come In" back to print on 180 gram vinyl. Remastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Company from the original 1/2" reels, "Here's Where the Strings Come In" is available for the first time on 180 gram vinyl. The LP art was reprinted at the original printing plant, Stoughton Printing Co., from the 1995 release. The LP reissue includes downloadable bonus tracks previously unavailable.

Track listing:

Hyper Enough

Silver Leaf And Snowy Tears

Yeah, It's Beautiful Here Too

Iron On

Sunshine State

Detroit Has A Skyline

Eastern Terminal

Animated Airplanes Over Germany

Green Flowers, Blue Fish

Here's Where The Strings Come In

Certain Stars