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Skanunu BCL is an innovative product that combines the toughest degreaser, rust and corrosion inhibitor, and all-weather lubricants into one powerful formula. It is specially formulated to simplify the process of bearing cleaning & maintenance.

WHY USE SKANUNU BCL: Using Skanunu BCL has its benefits: It cleans all components (Shield, Inner Race, Bearings, Retainer, and Outer Race) of your ABEC rated, swiss, Biltin and ceramic bearing sets with its tough degreasing formula It coats all the metal components with a non-corrosive protective shield to polish and repel water & dirt without harming the plastic, nylon or rubber components typically found in bearing sets. It leaves behind a long-lasting non-drying lubricant that keeps you riding fast

HOW TO USE SKANUNU BCL: There are two ways to clean your bearings with Skanunu BCL; ON-THE-FLY & DEEP CLEAN

HOW SKANUNU BCL WORKS:There are many soil types in the environment but most of what gets picked up and reduces bearing performance are greases, oils and dirt (organic) as well as sand, silt and minerals (inorganic).

Skanunu BCL is made up of 3 main components: a strong degreaser, metal protectant, and lubricant.

When Skanunu BCL comes in contact with soil, the degreasing molecules instantly align themselves between the solution and the dirt at the bearing surface.

Through a series of chemical reactions, the degreasing molecules surround the soil and dislodge it from the surface. This is how Skanunu BCL cleans. (Bearings have minimal surface area and our degreaser component, again, is powerful. Soaking them for longer than a minute or using more than directed is not recommended and will delay the next process.) At the same time, the protectant and lubricant molecules in Skanunu BCL are activated and begin to look for the disrupted metal ions at the surface. When Skanunu BCL is wiped off and the excess is removed from the bearing, the protectant & lubricant are secured to the bearing surface through one final chemical reaction resulting in a molecular bond. Skanunu BCL can be used in any climate. Temperature fluctuation will not change the functional and performance properties of the product. If Skanunu BCL has thickened or freezes due to the cold, simpily bring it indoors and allow it to reach room temperature. Then apply it as instructed.

Practically speaking, Skanunu BCL works like a bar of soap containing moisturizer. You wash your body and the soap removes the dirt from your skin. You wipe and/or rinse off the soap and your skin feels smooth and moisturized.