Sick Of It All-Based On A True Story

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With a career spanning 25 years and hundreds of thousands of albums sold worldwide, SICK OF IT ALL’s latest album is sure to add an exhilarating new chapter to their legendary status. If you haven’t already signed on with Based On A True Story, now’s the time! Undoubtedly the band’s hardest hitting effort to date, the new album features the most catchy and powerful material the band has ever written — undeniable proof that the quartet is simply unstoppable and unrivalled within the hardcore/punk scene. Blabbermouth called Based On A True Story "another cranium clobbering hardcore album from the guys... varying the arrangements just enough to keep things fresh, yet still working within the confines of their now legendary sound."

Now available on limited edition vinyl from Think Fast! Records.

1. Death Or Jail 2. The Divide 3. Dominated 4. A Month Of Sundays 5. Braveheart 6. Bent Outta Shape 7. Lowest Common Denominator 8. Good Cop 9. Lifeline 10. Watch It Burn 11. Waiting For The Day 12. Long As She’s Standing 13. Nobody Rules 14. Dirty Money