Shai Hulud-That Within Blood Ill-Tempered

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Shai Hulud's highly anticipated "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered" is a testament of heart, passion, and sincerity. As the hardcore and metal scenes struggle to breathe in the smog of the overwhelming degree of trend and superficiality of late, Shai Hulud present a refreshingly true and pretense-less album. It clearly illustrates the allure, the splendor, and the effectiveness metal influenced hardcore can offer. Musically, Shai Hulud has maintained the sound they initially re-invented - an angered and melodic, multi-layered blend of beauty and aggression - and continued to expand its boundaries within "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered". Shai Hulud is as always uncompromising, musically, lyrically, and ideally- not having succumbed to current trends. New pressing now available on red vinyl.




1.  Scornful Of The Motives And Virtue Of Others

2.  Let Us At Last Praise The Colonizers Of Dreams

3.  The Consummate Dragon

4.  Willing Oneself To Forget What Cannot Otherwise Be Forgiven

5.  Two And Twenty Misfortunes


6.  Being Exemplary

7.  Given Flight by Demon's Wings

8.  Whether to Cry or Destroy

9.  This Song: For the True and Passionate Lovers of Music

10.  Ending the Perpetual Tragedy