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Sex Pistols-The Great Rock n Roll Swindle

Sex Pistols-The Great Rock n Roll Swindle

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The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle is the soundtrack album of the film of the same name by the Sex Pistols. It also includes performances by other artists.

By the time the soundtrack was being prepared, Johnny Rotten had left the band and refused to participate in the project, so the "proper" Sex Pistols tracks were done by taking Lydon's vocals from the October 1976 demo session recordings and rerecording their instrumental tracks (done by Paul Cook and Steve Jones).

The double album features a significant number of tracks that omit Lydon entirely, most of them written and recorded after he had left the band.

These include Sid Vicious singing cover songs, two new original songs ("Silly Thing", sung by Cook and "Lonely Boy", sung by Jones), tracks Cook and Jones recorded with Ronnie Biggs, the title track and "Who Killed Bambi?" sung by Edward Tudor-Pole, and numerous novelty tracks including French street musicians playing "Anarchy in the UK" and a medley of several Sex Pistols songs covered by a disco band.

Two further tracks were recorded along with "Lonely Boy" and "Silly Thing" between May and July 1978; "Black Leather" and "Here We Go Again". While the two songs did not end up on either the film or the soundtrack, both were later released as Sex Pistols singles.

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