Offenders-Endless Struggle/We Must Rebel+I Hate Myself

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The Offenders formed in 1978 in Killeen, TX, relocated to Austin, and became known worldwide as one of the premiere hardcore bands from Texas alongside D.R.I., MDC, the Dicks and Big Boys. Southern Lord presents a collection of all of their recordings on vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket with the original covers faithfully replicated.

Each and every Offenders song is well worth listening to, you really shouldn't miss out!

1.      You Got A Right
2.      Face Down In The Dirt
3.      Victory
4.      On The Crooked Edge
5.      Impact
6.      Endless Struggle
7.      Coming Down
8.      Get Mad
9.      Inside The Middle
10.      Trials And Tribulations
11.      Do Or Die
12.      When Push Comes To Shove
13.      You Keep Me Hanging On
14.      Fight Back
15.      No Chance
16.      Like Father/Like Son
17.      Just For Fun
18.      We Must Rebel
19.      Never Cared
20.      Direct Defiance
21.      Wanted By Authority
22.      New Militia
23.      Youth Riot
24.      I Hate Myself
25.      Bad Times