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Modest Mouse-Sad Sappy Sucker -180 Gr-

Modest Mouse-Sad Sappy Sucker -180 Gr-

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With material that was recorded in November 1994, "Sad Sappy Sucker" is the lost Modest Mouse album, originally intended to be the band's debut full-length. These songs mark the earliest recordings of Modest Mouse as a band, featuring the songs from the obscure "Birds Vs. Worms" 7" (which was limited 500 copies) and the "Blue Cadet-3" single, three tracks are from four-track recordings and the last nine songs were recorded for Brock's "Dial-A-Song" project run from his home answering machine. The song "Missoula City Devil" is actually by Spencer Moody (vocalist for Murder City Devils), the only message ever left on the Dial-A-Song machine by a caller. This is what quite possibly built the foundation for what arguably has become one of the most important independent bands to spill forth from the Pacific Northwest. LP includes digital download.




1.  Worms V.S. Birds

2.  Four Fingered Fisherman

3.  Wagon Ride Return

4.  From Point A To Point B (

5.  Path Of Least Resistance

6.  It Always Rains On A Picnic

7.  Dukes Up

8.  Think Long

9.  Every Penny Fed Car

10.  Mice Eat Cheese

11.  Race Car Grin You Aint No Landmark

12.  Red Hand Case


13.  Secret Agent X-9

14.  Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?

15.  Call To Dial A Song

16.  5-4-3-2-1 Lipsoff

17.  Woodgrain

18.  BMX Crash

19.  Sucker Bet

20.  Black Blood & Old Newagers

21.  SWY

22.  Austral Opithecus

23.  Sin Gun Chaser



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