Misfits-Collection II

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Certain bands inspire loyalty in their fans above and beyond the call of duty; the Misfits inspire loyalty above and beyond the call of sanity, as proved by the legions who consistently snatch up almost anything with the band's name on it. Uber-fan Henry Rollins has even had the Misfits' logo tattooed on his arm.

For those unaware of what the fuss is all about, COLLECTION II is a fine introduction to one of the best punk bands this side of pandemonium. Although some of this material (such as We Are 138 and Braineaters) is featured elsewhere, COLLECTION II collects it in a coherent and linear fashion designed to give the newcomer a sampling of the band's different styles and musical permutations. Also collected are the previously hard-to-obtain Halloween I and Halloween II. These, plus Return of the Fly, We Bite, and Mephisto Waltz, make COLLECTION II a great compilation of the Misfits' spectacular legacy.