LL Cool J-Bigger & Deffer

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On the front cover of Bigger and Deffer I’m just chillin', standing on a car, a little jewelry, a little leather, saying “Cool it.” Yo man, just showing the both sides. This picture ain’t intimidating. Boxing gloves are showing I’m cool, but I’m not soft. I’m just letting people know how I’m living. See it for yourself. Look on the cover—that’s how I’m living. Know what I’m saying? Simple, man. Just letting them know I ain’t taking no shots. Don’t be scared of me. Respect me. You heard I need love, but you also see the gloves. So you don’t know how to play me. LL Cool J, Interview magazine, December 1987

If you’re wondering why the cover says “BAD” instead of “Bigger and Deffer”… it’s an acronym.