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This Landyazhtz Drop Cat Vibes Drop Through Complete is a larger, directional drop-through longboard in at 38″ long by 9.9″ wide. The shape has been slightly modified to work perfectly with the new Gen 6 Grizzly trucks.

8 ply construction in a board of this size results in a tiny amount of dampening flex which works to smooth out your ride on any rougher roads while still being stiff enough to handle some speed and sliding.

The board has a healthy dose of rocker and aggressive concave to keep your feet comfortable and locked in place while freeriding.

The Landyachtz Drop Cat comes equipped with 50 degree 180mm grizzly Gen 6 trucks, ideal for deep carves and confident cruising as well as some big 72mm 78a Plow King wheels for a smooth, fast and super grippy ride.

Try it out and be stoked on how well this set up performs!