Lagwagon-Trashed 2LP

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The second full-length from Lagwagon gets the remaster treatment and includes 17 outtake, acoustic, and demo tracks that have never before been released.




1.  Island Of Shame

2.  Lazy

3.  Know It All

4.  Stokin' The Neighbors

5.  Give It Back

6.  Rust

7.  Goin' South

8.  Dis'chords

9.  Coffee And Cigarettes

10.  Brown Eyed Girl

11.  Whipping Boy

12.  No One

13.  Bye For Now

14.  Back One Out


15.  The Champ (bonus track)

16.  Choke (early version) (bonus track)

17.  Give It Back (early version) (bonus track)

18.  Path Of Least Resistance (Chemikil demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

19.  Know It All (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

20.  Rust (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

21.  Island Of Shame (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

22.  Lazy (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

23.  Whipping Boy (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

24.  Stokin' The Neighbors (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

25.  Goin' South (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)

26.  Jazzy Jeff (bonus track)


27.  Whipping Boy (acoustic version) (bonus track)