Kyuss-Welcome To Sky Valley

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Welcome to Sky Valley was recorded in early 1993, but due to the collapse of the band's record label (Dali), its release was delayed until mid-1994. It was the first Kyuss album to feature bassist Scott Reeder, who replaced the departing Nick Oliveri after the recording of Kyuss' previous album, Blues for the Red Sun. Welcome to Sky Valley was the last to feature founding member Brant Bjork. The song "N.O." was originally recorded by Across The River, a band fronted by Mario Lalli and featuring bassist Reeder. After Reeder left The Obsessed and joined Kyuss, Bjork suggested they record "N.O." as a tribute to Across The River.

The band Tool covered "Demon Cleaner" during a 1998 show at the Hollywood Palladium, with bassist Reeder joining them onstage during the performance. The song is also contained in the video game Guitar Hero: Metallica.


Movement I – 17:47 (Josh Homme, Brant Bjork)

"Gardenia" – 6:54

"Asteroid" – 4:49

"Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop" – 6:04

Movement II – 14:50 (Homme, Scott Reeder)

"100°" – 2:29

"Space Cadet" – 7:02

"Demon Cleaner" – 5:19

Movement III – 18:19 (Homme, Bjork, Reeder, Mario Lalli)

"Odyssey" – 4:19

"Conan Troutman" – 2:12

"N.O." – 3:47

"Whitewater" – 8:00

"Lick Doo" – 0:57 (Hidden Track)