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Independent High Rebound Cushions/Bushings Standard Height (not Low!)

Replacement/upgrade pack of Independent trucks bushings/cushions for your skateboard in top quality urethane.

Indy call these ones "cylinder" bushings as one bushing has parallel sides ...all other companies would call this a barrel bushing. Conical bottom bushing are close to impossible to tighten up however hard they are. This combo gives far better stability but still with the ability to turn when you want.

Standard height ones; bottom bush depth approx. 14mm, top bush approx 11mm

This pack includes the following: 2 conical top bushings, 2 cylinder (barrel) bottom bushings, 4 replacement washers. Enough to complete two skateboard trucks - one complete skateboard.

Note: The Standard height ones fit most skateboard trucks...Indies, Thunder, Venture, Destructo, Tracker, Royal, Bullet, Krux, Shiner, etc. You only want "lows" if you have low trucks (shorter than average kingpins).

The average skaters will be rolling on blue or orange; black or yellow for the heavier boys or gals or those that like their trucks tight; red for light peeps or loose truck freaks; white for the very lightest riders or slalom.