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With the Independent 129 Stage 11 Reynolds GC Hollow Truck, Independent Trucks and team rider Andrew Reynolds present the narrow version of the Reynolds signature truck. You can't imagine today's world of skateboarding without the traditional company Independent or Andrew "The Boss" Reynolds. When highly recognized companies work together with skateboarding legends, it nearly goes without saying that the outcome has to be something great. This Independent Truck comes with the sophisticated Stage 11 truck geometry, which provides not only smooth turning properties, but also unmatched stability, even at high speeds or heavy impacts. Thanks to the ingenious geometry, these trucks give you maximum control for grinds and the "No Hang Up Yoke" also keeps your kingpin from getting stuck during smith or feeble grinds. Other than that, the truck construction minimizes the risk of getting wheel bites and the hollow kingpin and axle reduces the weight of this already light truck even more. With an axle width of 7.6 inches, the Independent 129 Stage 11 Reynolds GC Hollow Truck is best suited with deck sizes from 7.5 to 7.875 inches.

Dimensions: Axle width 7.6" Hanger width 5.0" Height 1.91"

Weight ca. 355g

Height: High

Recommended Board Size in Inches: 7.5, 7.625, 7.75, 7.875