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In My Eyes-The Difference Between

In My Eyes-The Difference Between

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"We aren't caught up in emulating a genre or style. We just play hardcore the way we would want to listen to it." This is a quote that has echoed time and time again when the band has been asked about their sound. All of it's members see In My Eyes as more than just another hardcore band; "it's all about energy and setting your sights on something and achieving it." New pressing now available on clear vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of this record.

1.      The Way It Was Left
2.      The K.O.S.T.
3.      Advice Taken?
4.      Lasting Values
5.      Through The Motions
6.      Actions Fall Short
7.      Difference Between
8.      In(My Eyes)tro/This Is Our Time
9.      My Reply
10.      A Little Too Late
11.      Courage To Care
12.      Overlooked
13.      Conversation Drifts

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