Dinosaur Jr-S/T

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Originally released in 1985 before the Jr. was added to the name, "Dinosaur" was the first shot across the bow from this legendary alternative rock pioneer. A noisy guitar driven affair, Dinosaur was a precursor to much of what would become popular "alternative" music in the '90s. With contemporaries like the Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. influenced a whole slew of guitar rock bands like Nirvana, Polvo, My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver. Now available again on vinyl.




1.  Forget The Swan

2.  Cats In A Bowl

3.  The Leper

4.  Does It Float

5.  Pointless


6.  Repulsion

7.  Gargoyle

8.  Severed Lips

9.  Mountain Man

10.  Quest