Dinosaur Jr-You're Living All Over Me

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1987's "You're Living All Over Me" was a breakthrough record for Dinosaur Jr. and a seminal moment in alternative rock. Reigning in some of the noise from 1985's debut, "Dinosaur," and featuring the first compositions by Lou Barlow, "You're Living All Over Me" became a blueprint for nineties guitar rockers and lo-fi DIY bedroom songsmiths alike. According to All Music Guide this is the record that "established guitar heroics as a part of indie rock, bringing the noise of Sonic Youth into more conventional song structures." Now available again on vinyl.




1.  Little Fury Things

2.  Kracked

3.  SludgeFeast

4.  The Lung

5.  Raisans


6.  Tarpit

7.  In A Jar

8.  Lose


9.  Poledo