Death Threat-Peace And Security

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Bridge Nine's first 12" LP vinyl release, Death Threat's "Peace & Security" album. Originally released on CD the year before by Triple Crown Records, this album was re-issued on vinyl with alternate cover artwork. The first pressing has a more muted cover art (with a very glossy surface & it's difficult to see the low contrast illustration of the bombs on the front and back). 15 years later, this album was re-released from the same original plates in a 2nd pressing, with the same (albeit better contrast) cover art & an updated inner sleeve.

Track Listing:

1. Dead At Birth

2. Live & Learn

3. Disgrace

4. Outcast

5. You're The One

6. Life Sentence

7. Peace & Security?

8. Faded

9. Never Again

10. Misled

11. Nowhere Fast

12. Social Decay