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Street and pool boards use smaller wheels, and flip tricks benefit from a tighter center of gravity, so these little rockers are lower and lighter, just like they need to be. But unlike most little trucks, which tend to be stiff and unresponsive, our custom geometry gives you just the right amount of carve for a well-rounded riding experience.

Content: 1 Carver CX (front) truck, 1 Carver C2 (rear) truck and 4 shockpads.

Series: CX

Width: 6.5"

– 2 7/8” tall

– 6.5” hanger with a 9” axle

– .55’ top conical bushing, .65” bottom conical bushing.

Stock 89a durometer for easy pumping, optional 95a durometer set available

– 2 ½” kingpin

– .7” OD x ½” ID pivot cup

– Drilled to new and old school mounting patterns

– Sand cast 356 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to Rockwell T6 –

Made in the USA

The Carver CX.4 is made with significant improvements to this front-only truck that gives it unprecedented thrust and pump, as well as increased turn radius and snap-back. With a few carves side to side you immediately begin to generate speed, and with a little more pumping you can gain significant speed. The thrust generated is so powerful you can even pump uphill. So whether you’re surfing the sidewalk, flowing through a skatepark or big-wave surfing downhill, you never have to put your foot down to make a section. For years many longboard companies have falsely claimed that their boards ‘feel just like surfing’, but we took that promise seriously. So while the CX may just look like a regular RKP (Reverse King Pin) style truck, the simple appearance of this patented surfkate hides its true performance. What you get is a truck that has all the thrust of a surfboard but with a lighter and more stable pushing platform. While these two properties would seem contradictory, through a careful pairing of both the thrust-prone geometry and a sculpted bushing cup that hugs the urethane bushings in just the right way, you get a truck that is both loose when you want to pump and stable when you want to push or land tricks. Plus without the swiveling arm of our C7 surf truck, the CX is both lighter and easier to ride fakie, opening up your ability to perform tricks involving reverse riding like 180 slides while still feeling that reverse-riding-surfboard feel.


The secret ingredient in the CX performance is the thrust you get with each pump and carve. You can see the extreme turn angle of the hanger, and what this gives you is more turn at the nose compared with the tail. This creates the same dynamic you get with a surfboard, where you pivot your turns from the tail. Carver tilted the overall geometry of the previous CX.3 by 3 degrees, essentially wedging the whole truck and sharpening the turn angle. They’ve also raised the bushing seat, and increased the height of the bottom bushing to .65” so each turn creates more hanger projection to the side, essentially pushing you forward with every carve. This new bottom bushing set up, paired with a top bushing of .55”, makes them interchangeable with all current RKP bushing sets. Plus with more clearance under the hanger you can even use double barrel bushings with a flat washer for the most combinations of aftermarket customization ever.


Carver increased the height of the CX baseplate so you can use 70 mm Roundhouse wheels and get the full tilt during deep carving while still controlling wheelbite. This has reduced the number of 3/16” risers used on lower models from 3 to 1, so if you ride a 70 mm wheel you only need one riser. If you ride our smaller 65 mm Roundhouse wheels you can eliminate any risers and still get full range turning without wheelbite. The reduction of 2 risers eliminates their added weight, plus it shortens the mounting hardware. With longer hardware you get some baseplate twisting as your truck turns, reducing the direct forces on the truck and increasing wear on the wood deck around the screw heads. Shorter hardware provides a more secure and longer lasting mount. Whenever you use aftermarket wheels though, always check for full turn range and use as many risers as you need to prevent bite.

Precision Pin

The key to the smooth and effortless action of this truck literally pivots on the machined pivot pin. The precisely polished pin fits the pivot cup perfectly so there’s no side-to-side dance or restrictive binding, either of which compromises performance. We put a dab of grease on the pivot so it rotates effortlessly, so all you feel is the resilient rebound of the urethane bushings. Further, this polish eliminates pivot cup wear, giving you long-lasting performance. Beyond just a pivot pin, this joint now acts just like a thrust bearing, but without the added weight, complexity or cost of needle bearings. Mounting Because the CX is a Reverse King Pin (RKP) front truck, the kingpin faces forward when the truck is mounted to the nose. This is the opposite of the rear C2 truck, which is a Standard King Pin (SKP) truck. Since this is a directional set up like a surfboard, the advantage of this is that both front and rear axles are trailing behind the kingpins, reducing the propensity for leading-axle induced wobbles. Further reducing this tendency is the differential between the front and back turn rates. This is because as the front turns more sharply, the rear has a more moderate rate of turn and acts as a sort of rolling rudder that stabilizes the board at higher speeds.