Bad Brains-S/T -Remastered-

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Bad Brains is the debut studio album recorded by the American hardcore punk band Bad Brains. Bad Brains was originally released in February 1982 on Reachout International Records (ROIR), only in Compact Cassette format.

In a nod toward band's Rastafarian leanings, the first release came contained in solid green, solid golden and solid red cassette shells. In addition, some versions in solid white, solid orange and transparent tape shells were also released.

When the album was first released, fans and critics alike were stunned to learn that the musicians behind this album – one of the fastest albums of all time upon its release – were African-American Rastafarians who also were skilled at reggae.

The album was a crucial step in the evolution of hardcore punk and the eventual fusion of hard rock and reggae adopted later by bands like Sublime, Fishbone, and 311.

Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys was quoted as saying that this album is "the best punk/hardcore album of all time"