V/A-Haiku Fucks Volume One

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14 bands/14 songs on one 7" slab of plastic! 600 copies, hand numbered with insert and download code. Mostly exclusive tracks currently unavailable elsewhere.

Tracklist: 1. Shower of Bastards - 'Get Up' 2. The Domestics - 'Dignity' 3. Childe - 'Slow Death (Not yet)' 4. Skinners - 'M.R.M.' 5. Nasty Bastard - 'Stayin' in with Some Tinz' 6. Boycott the Baptist - 'P.P.P.C.' 7. Ratraven - 'Permanent Austerity' 8. Dis-Tank - 'Forced Out' 9. Brainfreeze - 'Eye to Eye' 10. 51st State - 'No Joke' 11. The Migraines - 'No!' 12. Forced Existence - 'What Gives you the Right' 13. The Shorts - 'Is Your Message Still Relevant?' 14. Volunteers - 'Straight Edge Kids Make Me Wanna Binge Drink'

600 hand-numbered copies w/ download code This 7” features a total of 14 tracks from 14 bands from all over the UK. Some of these bands have already built up a considerable discography whilst for others this is their first release. Here’s a list of those implicated…

SHOWER OF BASTARDS. From Norwich and now, sadly, defunct.

THE DOMESTICS. Having just released their second album (‘Routine & Ritual’) and about to release a split 7” with VOLUNTEERS, this lot are one of the busiest bands on the EAHC scene. A mix of the best of US, UK and Japanese HC.

CHILDE. From Ireland, this is essentially a one man band featuring Phillip from ZEN FUCK UPS. It definitely has bits of BLACK FLAG and OFF! in the mix with some other, harder-to-pin-down stuff. Check out their ‘Living or Dying’ album.

SKINNERS.A young band that are hopefully going to play all over in the coming year. If you get the chance to see them don’t miss it!

NASTY BASTARD. Featuring ex-members of Southend’s mighty DEATHSKULLS and members of THE FILAMENTS, this is post-oi! aggro music of the highest order and straight outta Essex. Fucking great.

BOYCOTT THE BAPTIST. Like manic, hyperspeed thrash/power violence/spazz-core? Like two fellas dressing up as nuns to play such unholy noise? You’ve just found your new favourite band.

RATRAVEN. Definitely crusty, it’s definitely d-beat, it’s also definitely great.

DIS-TANK. This lot have a 10 song 7” out any week now. It’s essentially a side-project of one of THE DOMESTICS. It’s d-beat with distortion, reverb and astonishingly catchy tunes. Writing and recording of an album will commence over the summer of 2015.

BRAINFREEZE. Ex-BICKLES CAB members, this Sheffield-based band are relative vets of their scene. They remind a bit of the mighty OUT COLD and are a cracking live too.

51st STATE. More West Country boys. This time a bass/drums two-piece. Anarcho with a definite touch of SUBHUMANS.

THE MIGRAINES. Another young band, although they’ve been going for a few years now. Really great live! Also featured on the Kibou Records ‘Without Kibou There is Nothing Vol. 1’ compilation if you can still find a copy.

FORCED EXISTENCE. Bury St Edmunds based three-piece. Frontman Dave is in about a dozen different bands (including SPECIAL DUTIES).

THE SHORTS. Made up of Southampton scene stalwarts, including Tony of the long-running SUSPECT DEVICE fanzine, this lot do exactly what you’d expect a band called THE SHORTS to do – play fast, tight, short punk songs with a passion.

VOLUNTEERS. Near-legends in East Anglian hardcore circles. A band that turned a lot of people onto harder, faster sounds in the early to mid 00’s, Stopped kids thinking punk was Green Day. DIY as fuck.