Upsessions-New Heavyweight Champion

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The Upsessions are regarded as Europe's top and most respected "Dirty Reggae” specialists.
Authentic sounding Skinhead Reggae recordings recorded on Fostex 8 track machines for a sound reminiscent of the legendary Pama And Trojen Records releases. This album Includes the much sought after Conquering Ruler Records rare 7" single Reggae classic ‘The Chambermaid’. Also Included are new versions of ‘Baby Baby Baby’, ‘Why You Done Me Wrong’ and ‘Cool It Down Rudie’ and ‘Jackie Miller Down’ from the 2005 Upsessions self-released single.

Track listing:

01. Why You Done Me Wrong
02. Rudie Cool It Down
03. Early Getoff
04. The Chambermaid
05. Right Way Of Loving
06. Baby Baby Baby
07. Hooligan '69
08. Cool Ska Time
09. Little Talks & Romours
10. Reggae Fever
11. Pharaohs Last Wish
12. Another Lovecall
13. Brian The Big Calk 1
4. Jackie Miller Down