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Thunder 149 skateboard truck with an 8.5” wide axle.

Lightweight hollow axle and kingpin

Precision made baseplate

Solid construction made from durable materials

The Thunder 149 Team Hollow Screamskull III Blue Black Skateboard Trucks are designed with control and stability in mind. Made from lightweight, durable materials, these trucks offer a quick-turning design and superior performance. Precision crafted baseplates are built for lighter and stronger performance while offering a strong hold. The hollow kingpin and axle provide secure reliability and lightweight feel while also maintaining strength and a wide range of motion. From a name you can trust, these skateboard trucks will improve your ride with better board control and stability.

Thunder 149 is a good choice for a size 8.38 to 8.62 board

***Price is per truck, please order two trucks for your set up**