Teengenerate-Get More Action

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In 1994, Japanese garage-punk fanatics Teengenerate took two days off from a tour of the American West Coast to drop in at Egg Studio in Seattle and cut what was going to be their first album after a fistful of singles. However, the band thought the rough mixes sounded too clean and subdued for their taste, so they opted to shelve the Egg Studio sessions and re-cut most of the tunes in their own crude home studio for the 1995 LP Get Action. Almost 20 years later, Teengenerate have pulled the Egg sessions out of the mothballs, and after giving the tracks a remix, they've issued the results as Get More Action. While Get Action does indeed sound crazier and cruder than the stuff cut at Egg with George Sulley (of the Raunch Hands) and Conrad Uno producing, Get More Action packs more sonic wallop, and by no stretch of the imagination does this strip Teengenerate of their rock action. The bass and drums are beefier, the guitars are tough enough to strip paint from the walls, and the vocals, full of attitude and mostly incomprehensible, are tougher than ever, while the band as a whole roar through these songs as if they were being chased by the police. Get More Action features 13 of the 17 songs that popped up on the earlier album, so a lot of this will seem a bit familiar to loyal fans, but the Egg sessions do include some covers unique to this release (including the Pagans' "Six and Change" and Elvis Presley's "I Need Your Love Tonight"), and whoever thought these recordings were short on energy was severely mistaken: Get More Action is a great document of a band firing on all cylinders, and it's a more than worthy addition to Teengenerate's catalog. ~ Mark Deming