Nerve Agents-Butterfly Collection

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Bringing back the spirit and energy of '80s punk rock to todays modern hardcore scene, this is the third album from one of the most explosive Bay Area, California bands that features ex-members of REDEMPTION 87, RELY, and FURY 66. With their two previous albums on Revelation Records and a split EP with KILL YOUR IDOLS, THE NERVE AGENTS will be touring for this album with F MINUS and THE BUSINESS.




1.  The Poisoning

2.  Crisis

3.  War Against!

4.  The Vice Of Mrs. Grossly

5.  Madam Butterfly

6.  Princess Jasmine Of Tinseltown

7.  What Then?

8.  The Legend Of H. Gane Ciro


9.  But I Might Die Tonight

10.  Metal Pig

11.  New Jersey

12.  So, Very Avoidable

13.  Oh, Ghost Of Mine

14.  Frost

15.  The Cross