Nerve Agents-Days Of The White Owl

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"Days Of The White Owl" is the first full-length from Bay Area, CA hardcore punks The Nerve Agents. Following their 1998 eponymous eight-song self-titled EP on Revelation Records, the band's chemistry musically gelled as they added ex-Fury 66 guitarist Zac Hunter to their lineup by the time "Days Of The White Owl" was released in July of 2000. Featuring backup vocals by Davey Havok of AFI, "Days Of The White Owl" contains the rage and fury of hardcore, the urgency of punk and the unique character and substance that is only The Nerve Agents. New pressing now available on blue vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of this record.




1.  Spring Heeled Jack (intro)

2.  Fall Of The All American

3.  Prey

4.  Days Of The White Owl

5.  Portland

6.  Off Come The Blindfolds

7.  Your Warning

8.  Jekyl And Hyde


9.  Next In Line

10.  The Invincible

11.  Dead Man Walking

12.  Out On The Farm

13.  A Sad History

14.  Just A Visual

15.  Evil


16.  The Blue Lady (outro)