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Flatliners-Destroy To Create

Flatliners-Destroy To Create

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Despite being barely old enough to drive when they formed, the band managed to gain enough notoriety to land a record deal and after three years playing and writing together, they recorded their first full-length, "Destroy To Create." The album was a true launch pad for The Flatliners both stylistically and in establishing a broader fan base. "Destroy To Create" is full of youthful exuberance and aggression, reflecting a bit more of the band's ska/punk foundation than their later work. Due to its raw energy and passion, many Flatliners fans nostalgically still identify "Destroy To Create" as their favorite release by the band. Unfortunately, many fans haven't ever got their hands on the album because of its limited distribution. Not to mention the fact that it was never released on vinyl. So Fat figured, what better way to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary than to finally release "Destroy To Create" on vinyl? LP includes a download card good for one free download of the album in MP3 format.




1.  Intro

2.  Fred's Got Slacks

3.  There's A Problem

4.  Public Service Announcement

5.  Bad News

6.  My Hands Are Tied

7.  Gullible


8.  Scumpunch!

9.  I Am Abandoned

10.  Macoretta Boozer

11.  Broken Bones

12.  Quality Television

13.  Do Or Die

14.  What The Hell Happened To You?

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