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San Francisco, March, 1976: "I don't remember being born. I was a very ugly child. My appearance has not improved so I suppose it was a lucky break when he was attracted by my youthfulness." So begins the account of Minnie Goetze, the fifteen-year-old protagonist of Phoebe Gloeckner's long-awaited first novel The Diary of a Teenage Girl, published by Frog, Ltd. The awkward, misfit daughter of a narcissistic divorcee, Minnie has an absentee father and a string of stepfathers and surrogate dads. The product of a broken home, she lives on the fringe of San Francisco's posh neighborhood Pacific Heights and is the poor girl at the best private school. She is a jumble of contradictions: insightful yet na?ve, lustful yet prudish, precocious yet attention-starved. Now she comes of age in the confusing 1970s, an era without rules or boundaries. Enter the drama of Minnie's adolescent life, when her sexual awareness explodes into an emotional wasteland where she can find no safe harbor. A budding artist starting to experiment in cartooning, Minnie keeps far more than a simple diary. The book regularly blossoms into finely drawn scenes, producing a rich panorama chronicling a girl's rite of passage through a doomed affair with her mother's boyfriend and her search for love and identity in San Francisco's free-wheeling society. Simply one of the best books of the year. A big favorite of our distributor’s staff!