Dead To Me-Moscow Penny Ante

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After the acclaimed release of their last full-length "African Elephants" and many tours in support of the album, Dead To Me witnessed a changing of the guard with the retirement of guitarist Nathan and the addition of Sam Johnson (New Mexican Disaster Squad, No Friends, Virgins) on guitar and vocals and Ken Yamazaki (Western Addiction, Enemy You) on second guitar. Upon the inclusion of the new members, the quartet headed out on a full year of touring, cementing the most cohesive and committed incarnation of the band to date. This chemistry manifested itself distinctively in the recording of DTM's latest full-length, "Moscow Penny Ante." With more up-tempo and straightforward songs than their last album, "Moscow Penny Ante" revisits and updates the classic sound that first caught everyone's attention on 2006's "Cuban Ballerina." Vinyl version includes a code good for one free download of the album in MP3 format, including eight extra tracks.




1.  Undertow

2.  Reckless Behavior

3.  The Evolution Will Be Tele-Visualized

4.  The Hand With Inherited Rings

5.  No Lullabies

6.  The Trials Of Oscar Wilde

7.  The Monarch Hotel

8.  Never Relief

9.  I Love My Problems

10.  Dead Pigeon Tricks

11.  Victims Of No Ambition

12.  The World Has Gone Mad