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Bruno Dante is the best boiler-room salesman in Los Angeles. There's only one problem: he can't keep a good thing going. When he becomes involved with a beautiful but dangerous fellow Orbit Computer Supplies employee -- sexy ex-stripper, gangbanger, and crackhead Jimmi Valiente -- Bruno's ready to chuck his job and his most recent twelve?step program. Leaping headfirst into an impossibly destructive love-hate relationship with the addictive Jimmi, Bruno finds it;s not long at all before his world begins to spiral out of control... again. Plus a P.S. with insights, interviews, and more! Breathtaking writing. . . . Angry, acerbic, self-pitying and often painfully funny. . . Read it at your peril. -Anthony Bourdain. This devastating and terrifying book . . . sees Fante writing the kind of emotionally tormented novel that his father would surely have written if he'd been born into Dan's generation. -Uncut. Dark and bleak, dirty and real... Dan Fante's style is raw, insightful, and deftly realized. -Time Out New York.