Black Flag-Jealous Again

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Black Flag's second EP, 1980's JEALOUS AGAIN finds the band with a new lead singer, Chavo, whose Everypunk vocals were less distinctive than those of his predecessor, future Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris, but perhaps better suited to guitarist Greg Ginn's unpretentious anthems of punk life. The five speedy and short songs on JEALOUS AGAIN are practically the archetypes of hardcore punk. Where the songs on NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, the band's 1978 debut, were beholden to British punk tropes, these more streamlined songs are harder, faster, louder, and considerably more powerful.

For those looking for value, all five songs from JEALOUS AGAIN, plus the band's first and third EPs, two compilation tracks, and a single, are contained on the CD entitled THE FIRST FOUR YEARS.