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"She's My Ex" is a song by the American punk rock band All, released as a single from their 1989 album Allroy's Revenge. Written by drummer Bill Stevenson, the song describes an ex-girlfriend with whom he had a tumultuous romance. The B-side track "Crazy?", written by bassist Karl Alvarez, is from the Allroy's Revenge recording sessions but was not included on the album. Drummer Bill Stevenson wrote "She's My Ex" about a difficult relationship. Several of Stevenson's songs on Allroy's Revenge describe a tumultuous romance, including "Scary Sad", "She's My Ex", and "Net". The songs were written about an ex-girlfriend of Stevenson's who had problems with drugs and was placed on probation. "She's My Ex" describes how he "can't expect she'll change her ways, can't accept the things she done / She's just my ex / Nothing more, nothing less / She'll always be my ex". Recording engineer Richard Andrews remarked that "It seems like on every album, Bill would have the song that he knew was gonna bring people to the band and bring people to the record, and 'She's My Ex' was one of them."