Abortion Squad-S/T

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ABORTION SQUAD, New Hampshire, usa, 1983. 21 songs and they are great !! Fast in your face hardcore like the way we want it !!! Glad there is a label that brings out the old stuff hardcore. A must for all 'old', hardcore fans out there. 


Demo 1983




Abortion Squad


The End


Kill Me, Kill Me


Red Alert


Brain Damage


Combat Boys


You Make Me Sick


Pledge Allegiance




Time Bomb


Fuck You Ronnie


No Authority, No Rules


Your Kind


Direct Assault


One Of Them


Cut 'Em To Pieces


Stupid Jerk


Youth Attack


Lenny Brezhnev


Crime Wave



Bonus Songs


In My Head ('95)


Cut 'Em To Pieces (Live '92)


No Authority, No Rules (Live '92)


Disease ('89)


You Suck ('94)