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Bruno Dante has fled Los Angeles for New York City. With its cold, hard edge, it's his kind of town... But the string of deadbeat temporary telemarketing gigs is getting to Bruno and the steady work he can stand is hard to come by. Bruno's trying everything: hotel night manager, window cleaner, and cab driver, all the while punctuating his unsatisfying employment experiments with meaningless affairs and intense drinking binges. Then something totally unexpected pops up and Bruno finds himself in a position to act responsibly, to start writing again, and to get his life back on track. But like his drinking, screwing up might be a habit that's too deeply ingrained to shake. Plus a P.S. with insights, interviews, and more! "A truly great American novel." -Scotland on Sunday. "It gives an honest misfit's view of America far too few know." -John Fowles. "Moments which brush the genius of Bukowski and Hubert Selby." -Elle (France). "Evokes brutally and skillfully the violently numb condition of his alter ego." -The Times (London).