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Juxtapoz continues to break new ground with its expansive magazine editorial and ongoing book series. Juxtapoz Illustration 2 is the tenth book in the series and revisits the magnetic attraction of the figurative line. Once again an exciting roster of contributors ranging from commercial illustrators to outsider artists puts forth a retina-searing collection. From the irreverent cartoon style of Johnny Ryan, to fine drawings by Josh Cochran marked by precision and depth, to the mysterious miniature universes portrayed by Evah Fan, Juxtapoz Illustration 2 traverses a generous cross section of contemporary illustrators. Plus Ryan Bubnis, Dabs Myla, Ericailcane, Charles Glaubitz, Jason Holley, Rich Jacobs, Ian Johnson, Timothy Karpinski, Mike Kershnar, Josh Keyes, Koralie, Danile Lim, Alexis Anne MacKenzie, Jacob McGraw, James Marshall (Dalek), Fumi Mini Nakamura, Kustaa, J. Otto Seibold, Rachell Sumpter, Gary Taxali, and Aiyana Udesen. In all, more than 20 leading artists and designers pushing the boundaries of figure and ground are presented in top form.