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In his latest book, Burroughs pushes into new territory, once again committing the unspeakable crime of questioning the reality structure. Dreams, always a rich source of imagery in Burroughs' works, here become a direct and powerful force. My Education, direct, honest, humorous and subversive, is a truly original work. "A whirlwind valedictory tour of Burroughs' ownj unconscious... An intensely personal book." -New York Times Book Review. "The writing is quite evocative -- the book can be read for style alone -- as these snippets of nocturnal mind wanderings limn sexual situations, people he knows, places he's been, and writing problems and satisfactions he's overcome or enjoyed. The total effect is a fictionalized memoir of a man unafraid to be candid about his private acts and thoughts, but also a man who obviously has believed there is no substitute in life for direct experience." -Booklist.