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In the first comprehensive biography of Hal Foster, author Brian M. Kane examines the 70-year career of one of the greatest illustrators of the twentieth century. Superman was modeled after Foster's drawings of Tarzan, Flash Gordon's Alex Raymond borrowed compositions from Prince Valiant, and thousands of artists, including the famous contemporary Western painter James Bama, count Foster among their greatest influences. Prince Valiant became one of the most successful comic series of all time, winning the prestigious Banshees' Silver Lady award and both the National Cartoonists Society's coveted Reuben award and Gold Key award. Hal Foster's work has inspired generations of artists including Jack Kirby, Lou Fine, Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Wayne Boring, Joe Kubert, Russ Manning, Wally Wood, Dave Stevens, Carmine Infantino, Charles Vess, William Stout, John Buscema, Mark Schultz and the great Disney artist, Carl Barks... and this book features quotes and sidebars from many of these artists. Foster's originals are highly prized works of art which sell for thousands of dollars, and Prince Valiant continues to encourage new artistic interpretations in a wide variety of mediums. Without realizing it Foster created a bridge between the Golden Age of Illustration and modern sequential art. Hal Foster: The Father of the Adventure Strip is being produced with the full cooperation of the Foster family and The National Cartoonists Society. Lots of art (mostly b&w, some color).