Cockney Rejects-Greatest Hits Vol.2

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"Greatest Hits Vol. 2" is the second album by the Punk/Oi! legends Cockney Rejects, originally released in 1980. Despite the title, it is not a greatest hits compilation. Cockney Rejects spawned a punk sungenre, and that subgenre is Oi- the dirty, ugly, and more politically charged troublesome cousin of punk. This album is the essence of it- sloppy, catchy riffs that are accompanied by pummeling bass lines, steady but uncapable drumming, and punky vocal wailing which sounds like a more polished Johnny Rotten. SIDE A 1.War On The Terraces 2.In The Underworld 3.Oi! Oi! Oi! 4.Hate Of The City 5.With The Boys (On Tour) SIDE B 6.Urban Guerilla 7.The Rocker 8.The Greatest Cockney Rip Off 9.Sitting In A Cell (With You) 10.On The Waterfront SIDE C 11.We Can Do Anything 12.It’s Alright 13.Subculture 14.Blockbuster SIDE D 15.I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles 16.West Side Boys 17.15 Nights 18.We Are The Firm 19.Here We Go Again